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A Focus on Meeting Your Needs

The first step is for us to listen to you. We will then come up with a legal plan that meets your needs. Through our understanding of the law and your understanding of the circumstances and yourself, we will construct a path that leads to success.

Dedication to helping clients in legal matters compassionately with solid judgment, competence and strength is our specialty. You have found a firm that you can trust to help you through your legal circumstance. 

In a collaborative divorce, mediation, and limited scope divorce cases, you’ll receive the support you need in resolving the issues in a dignified manner. If you desire to have an estate plan put in place through a will or trust; need help with a trust or estate administration matter, or need solid legal advice, we can help.

Law You Can Understand

We understand that the law can sometimes be intimidating. That is why Fordree Law Firm, P.C., aims to make you feel comfortable and secure knowing that you are in good hands.


Collaborative Law and Divorce -  A holistic approach to resolving disputes that is designed to advance the interests of the parties in areas of the law and beyond for a more positive future. This law firm does not handle matters involving domestic violence or abuse.  We can refer you to competent attorneys for those matters.


Estate Planning - Assisting clients in putting their desires into writing so that their legacy can come into being fuels our passion for helping others. A client’s ability to rest assured that they, their loved ones and their favorite charities are being taken care helps us create our legacy of care.


Estate and Trust Administration –Hiring an experienced professional gives you peace of mind.  Clients avoid an ordeal brought on by not knowing what to do and how and when to do it.


ProbateDecedent Estates, Trust Disputes, Guardianships and Conservatorships and are all matters handled in Probate Court. Whether the matter is contested or uncontested we can help in court or out of court through mediation.


Trust Funding and ReviewIn order to avoid probate a trust must be funded. This step is often missed. Revocable Trusts are living documents and need to be tended to by periodic review for changes in circumstances and the law. Let us help make your trust everything it should be.


Mediation – Mediation is an alternative to litigation or having a judge decide how to resolve a dispute in a courtroom.  It is a good way to reach a settlement agreement. The mediator is a neutral facilitator for people who may or may not have attorneys.


Prenuptial Agreements and Family Law  - Pre Marital agreements are helpful to couples who want to be responsible to one another and honor themselves and existing relationships. The process is helpful for facilitating the promises made to one another when getting married. There is only one bite at this apple.


General Practice - Experienced in document drafting, reviewing, negotiating and giving legal advice, you have found the right law firm to represent you. Have a traffic ticket, small claim, or agency hearing that you are not comfortable handling on your own? We can help. We offer limited in scope representation (unbundled services).

We offer more than just peace of mind

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