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Limited Scope Representation

What is Limited Scope Representation (LSR)?

At Fordree Law Firm, we believe in empowering clients with legal information and in sharing legal expertise with those who may otherwise go without because of an inability to afford full legal representation.  Limited scope representation allows otherwise self-represented clients to benefit from legal expertise and experience. Clients share in doing the work with the attorney. It is also called “unbundled services” and “a la carte” representation. Many clients cannot afford or do not desire full representation.  

What is on the a la carte menu?
  • Negotiation  
  • Prepare documents (complaint, answer, motion, response)     
  • Coach on how to handle a hearing or court appearance on your own 
  • Appear in court to represent on a specific discrete matter (settlement conference, mediation, motion hearing) 
  • Ghostwrite emails         
  • Advise on responding to emails or demands     
  • Draft a demand letter or response letter from another party   
  • Advise on settlement  
  • Review settlement agreements  
  • Review  documents prepared by client     
  • Discovery    
  • Draft proposed orders  
  • Research a legal issue 
How can it help me?

It will give you control over the overall handling of your matter. You only pay for the part of the representation you hire us for in a written agreement that spells out what specifically the attorney has been hired to do. This also allows you to pay less and to have assistance with parts of the representation you may find difficult

What if I need more than what I initially thought?

A new written agreement will be entered if you and the firm both agree upon adding services. If full representation is recommended because that is most reasonable under the circumstances, it will be discussed whether the firm is willing and able to accommodate such representation or whether a referral will be made. Typically the firm does not undertake fully litigated matters outside of probate proceedings.


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